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Maintaining Your Landscape - The Importance of Proper Fertilization

There are many important things to consider when it comes to maintaining and beautifying your lawn and your landscape, but perhaps nothing is more important than proper fertilization. Without the nutrients they need, plants, flowers and even your lawn will soon appear dull and listless, and they may even die as a result. It is important for gardeners and landscapers to take the nutritional needs of landscape plants and grass into account when designing and maintaining the landscape.

The fertilization needs of various types of plants vary, and it is important to look at each type of flower and follow the proper fertilization schedule. For instance, most varieties of flowers should be fed using a water soluble fertilizer every two or three weeks. Some varieties, of flowers, such as roses, may require a different fertilization schedule.

Shrubs are best fertilized once in the spring and again in the fall, using a high quality granular fertilizer. If needed, a water soluble fertilizer can be used once a month as needed during the summer months.

Trees need to be fertilized at the beginning of the spring season, and again in mid to late autumn. Trees can be fed using either a granular fertilizer or fertilizer spikes. Trees can also be fed once a month during the summer using a water soluble fertilizer.

When it comes to lawns there will be many different recommendations, depending on the type of grass being used and the type of fertilizer being applied. It is important to follow the recommendations of he manufacturer when it comes to fertilizing the lawn, but in general lawn maintenance requires a four season approach.

Early Spring Maintenance - During the early spring, it is best to use a fertilizer designed for early spring use. This pre-emergence fertilizer will help to give the grass the boost it needs to get off to a good start.

Springtime Maintenance - During the spring, a mixture of fertilizer and weed killer can be applied. This will allow weeds to be killed off before they emerge, resulting in a more maintenance free lawn.

Summer Maintenance - Summer is the time to use a mixture of fertilizer and insect killer. This will help to reduce any ongoing pest problems in the lawn.

Fall Maintenance - The fall season is the time to use a fertilizer designed for fall use. The purpose of the fall fertilization is to strengthen and protect the root system.

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