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For the very best in lawn care and landscape management in Dallas, Texas, look no further than Dallas Lawn Service. Of course, you want to make the very best first impression possible. First impressions are important. At Dallas Lawn Service, we want to leave your property looking better and better every time we visit -- we take pride in our landscape management and lawn care service, and we will always work hard to leave you with a good impression.

Contact us right away so we can make your lawn the best one in the neighborhood!

We have a team of dedicated professionals who guarantee you the very best in landscape management and Dallas lawn care at very competitive rates. Your unceasing satisfaction is very important to us, so we take our work very seriously and take extra care to pay attention to every detail of our services.

We are dedicated to providing you with top quality lawn care and landscape management services. When you sign a customized service contract with Dallas Lawn Service, you can rest assured that your property will always be perfectly manicured. We will provide you with professional lawn care and grounds services, hassle free, for a perfectly cultivated and maintained property every time and all the time. We keep in contact with you to plan an individualized look for your signature landscaping.

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While taking it's time to become popular it seems that Robotic Lawn Mowers came into their own by 2012 when their sales were 15 times that of traditional lawn mowers. Lawnbott Robotic Lawn mowers are now #1 in the world! Our best Lawnbott can cover up to 2 acres! They are self docking and can even have rain sensors. Robotic Lawn Mowers can even be accessed through smart phones by using certain apps. Maintenance costs are around 47-65.00 per year for a blade and 325.00 every 4-5 years for a replacement battery. Charging the lithium battery is about 12.00 per year. When you compare these costs to paying a lawn service at least 40.00 per visit over an approximate 36 week period the cost savings are substantial.

How do Robotic Lawn Mowers work? Basically, they work within an area that you set up using wire and a base station. This sets up an electromagnetic field to contain the robot using a mild electric charge. Then your Lawnbott learns each time it cuts your lawn! Some Lawnbott owners like to watch the robot do it's job with their kids and even talk to it! It's so quiet that you can even set up the robot to cut your lawn at night! Lawnbott owners don't have to worry about coming back from that long vacation and having to cut their lawns. It has already been done as often as you have programmed it to. The security of your home may be improved because a lawn that all of a sudden appears to be unkempt may cause some to think your not at home.

Convenience is what Robotic Lawn Mowers are all about. You may work a lot, you may not be home often, or you may just hate cutting the lawn once a week. Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mowers can handle grades of 25-28 degrees, so they are pretty versatile. Lawnbotts can be set up for either 3 or 4 zones in your yard to manage. Moving on to the subject of safety. Lawnbott robotic lawn mowers are the only robotic lawn mowers that have been accepted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. There are more regulations enacted to protect humans from Robotic Lawn Mowers than traditional ones which is puzzling because a robotic mower's blades stop spinning when the unit is lifted up, while a traditional mower doesn't.

In the end robotic mowers are probably one of the most accepted automatic machines one can use in a home environment with no concern of taking a human's job away because that human is you! Lawnbott mowers are priced around 1,799.00-4,999.00 and they are obviously way better for the environment than traditional mowers and don't require gas to operate. One of the most important things for you to do is a frequent walk around your yard, so that your robotic mower doesn't encounter anything that can damage it. Not a bad idea, even for a traditional mower. This will ensure approximately 8-10 years of trouble free operation with your new friend, the Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mower!

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